Report February 2014

03.03.2014 - Monthly Reports

So here it is, the first income report for one of my latest apps. I won’t publish income reports for all of my apps due to NDAs with my team, but it might be interesting to see how the 3 big stores (Google Play, iTunes and Windows Marketplace) will perform against each other. We all know that the Android market is quite huge and saturated, the Appstore should pay out most and Windows Phone is a niche.

Well… This first month came in as a huge surprise for my game Paint&Conquer. All in all it’s the classic lite version/full version scheme, so you can download it for free with limited features and included ads and can buy the full version including ads removal. So no further fancy InApp stuff, it’s just that.

Now look at that download chart:

February 2014

All in all we had 7897 downloads which is quite low for a free app BUT, 7411 downloads came from Windows Phone (7408 free, 3 paid), 224 from iOS and only 73 from Google Play. 73 downloads for a free app in a month! Now that’s quite disappointing! Sales were quite low of course as well due to that numbers. We had 3 sales for Windows Phone and one for iOS (iPad). That gave me an incredible revenue of €5,26. Yay.

Ok beside that I use Admob only at the moment as ad provider and again I was curious about how it would evolve. Due to the pretty high amount of Windows Phone downloads the most came in there and it was €74,21 for Windows Phone, €2,07 for iPad, €1,94 for iPhone and … €0,20 for Android. 😀

So the total amount for february is €83,68 – most of it due to the ads.