Report March 2014

07.04.2014 - Monthly Reports

Hi there,

here comes the monthly report for march. To be honest it was a pretty disappointing start with Paint&Conquer especially for Android and iOS. And it did continue as it’s started. Pretty weak for a free app. Well, here come the numbers:

Android Downloads: 84
iOS Downloads: 53 (25 iPhone, 28 iPad)
Windows Phone 8 Downloads: 387 (yay)

There was exactly one sale for the full version on Android. Looks like someone accidently bought it. 😀

Regarding the ad revenue (Admob only) it looks like this:

Android: 0.75€
iOS: 1.85€ (0.67€ iPhone, 1.18€ iPad)
Windows Phone 8: 36.44€ (at least!)

All in all this is a whopping revenue of 40.30€. Well… ok.

I’m curious how this will evolve in the next months, I will do further statistics later this year when there is some kind of a „trend“ to be seen. There will be my next app within the coming weeks, too!