Report April 2014

02.05.2014 - Monthly Reports
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Hi there,

another month passed by and this will be the first one with two reports as I released a kids puzzle recently!
The numbers are still very low, nothing to get upbeat with it but at least especially the Windows Phone numbers are pretty strong and stable!

Paint & Conquer

Android Downloads: 68 (-16 from last month)
iOS Downloads: 76 (+23 from last month)
Windows Phone 8 Downloads: 2,795 (+2,408 from last month)

Again I had exactly one sale – this time from an iPad user, so €1,09.

Regarding the ad revenue (Admob only) it looks like this:

Android: 0.55€ (-0.20€)
iOS: 2.59€ (+0.74€)
Windows Phone 8: 52.77€ (+16.33€)

All in all this is a revenue of 57.00€ for April for Paint&Conquer.

Toddler Fun Puzzles

Right, so this is my second app listed here. A funny kids puzzle app for toddlers. I think this one is well put together even though the first numbers are disappointing as well. I still have no numbers for the iOS version because it’s still in review and I had to struggle with that new kids section… Hmm… There is a free version (without ads!) plus the full one.

But, this one is now listed in the Amazon and Nook (Barnes&Noble) store as well!


Android: 9 (yes nine!)
iOS: n/a
Windows Phone 8: 515 (again a strong start!)
Amazon: 2
Nook: 1 (there is only the full version there atm!)


Android: 0
iOS: n/a
Windows Phone 8: 2 (2.18€)
Amazon: 0
Nook: 1 (1.49€)

All in all this is a revenue of 3.67€ for April for Toddler Fun Puzzles.

Summarized Report

February: 83.68€
March: 40.30€ (-43.38€)
April: 60.67€ (+20,37€)